Bear Viewing Trips

Fly to Brooks Falls

There is nothing more Alaskan than sharing space with 1,200 pound omnivores and watching them go about their fish catching day without so much as a grunt in your direction. Costal Brown Bears are awe inspiring creatures that are fascinating and terrifying at the same time. The unique scenario that plays out during the salmon spawning season creates an opportunity for humans to observe the bears with little fear of causing any reaction from these magnificent beasts. By following a few simple guidelines you too can safely share space with these creatures.  Alaska Air Transporters offers day trips from Lake Hood in Anchorage to Brooks Falls, which is arguably the most iconic bear viewing location in the world. This is a full 10+ hour day with approximately six hours of flying time (three hours each way) and four hours to interact with the bears. The flight is an epic ride through the famed “Lake Clark Pass,” flying by glaciers both above and below you on both sides. Weather is a significant consideration for these trips and cancellations are possible if the weather is too severe.

Cost for these trips is $1,000 per person. There is a four person minimum.

If you don’t have four in your group call, we may have additional people with reservations to fill out the flight.

Safe view of a massive brown bear fishing

A brown bear at Brooks Falls.